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Kitty Club - Letterbox Subscription

Welcome to the new KITTY CLUB SUBSCRIPTION - a surprise bundle delivered through your letterbox every month, accompanied by a handwritten note from the designer, Kitty!


Your bundle will be different each month for the entire year, and will comprise of 4 x Cards - 1 x shaped & 3 x printed


We’ll include upcoming occasions such as Easter, Mother's Day or Christmas. This way, you will always have the perfect card to send, just when you need it. You may even receive brand new designs, before they hit the shelves!


If you'd like a particular occasion/design in your first bundle, or perhaps there are occasions you would not like to receive cards for, please drop a note in the box below so we can tailor your future orders :-)


Welcome to the Kitty Club!

Kitty Club - Letterbox Subscription

Price Options
Kitty Club
Monthly Cards through your letterbox
£10.00every month until canceled
  • We will ship your first subscription box as soon as you sign up (2-4 working days) and the following orders will be shipped around that time each month, after your subscription has renewed 

    Don't forget to leave us requests when placing your first order such as, 'No Mother's Day, or Father's Day' so we can ensure you have the cards you need and want

    Have any questions? Leave us a note in the chat, or send an email x


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